Archtop Ukuleles
Available in three sizes, concert, tenor and baritone, this special type of ukulele is perfect to play jazz. Strumming or other technical variations are also great to play with. The main diferences with classic ukuleles are a longer sustain and more clarity between notes. The complex personality of these instruments, will make you appreciate a new type of sound, deep with subtil nuances.

The sculpture of the top and back is like violin ; hand carved from two bookmatched pieces of wood. Made of Spruce, the top is thicker than a classic construction, that makes its caracteristical colorfull tone. Even thought the volume is a bit less high than classics, the acoustic sound remains enough to play alone and singing with. On stage or recording session (or just to add some effects), the pickup option will be very useful. The Bband transducer under saddle and its preamp delivers a neutral amplification, very close to the acoustic sound.

The extra side hole, like in every acoustic instruments, is a real must, once you have tried it, there is no way to go without. A part of the projection goes directly to the player’s ears, while the front hole can be reduced to win surface of the soundboard. A better equilibre, a larger sound.

To protect your beloved custom instrument, what best than a nice custom case. Made of Spruce, sides bend by hand and handcarved top will assure a good structure to endure shocks during transport. Handle is made of leather, soft clothes and foam to hold perfectly the instrument. This hard case is a good protection from environnement fluctuations but an hugrometer and thermometer will help you watch if humidification is necesssary.